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When all else fails, break some glass

Jackie Chan’s 1985 hit “Police Story” might be best known to fans, and even to Jackie’s own production team as “Glass story”, but here’s a short clip of “Kung Fu Kids 2“, a Taiwanese movie which seems to be on a mission to insert as much glass into a fight sequence as humanly possible.

One scene in particular gets me to laugh every time is the sequence where one of the Kids promptly kicks a bad guy in the head and he smashes through a pane glassed balcony and then spins into a table.

When ever I watch clips of any of the Kung Fu Kids movies, I’m reminded of the 1992 Hollywood version Three Ninja Kids, although I’m sure most of the stunts you see in Kung Fu Kids (or any of its many sequels and spin-offs) you wouldn’t normally see in a Hollywood production.

Another movie which is well known for its Glass breaking scenes is Benny Chan’s “Invisible Target” (Trailer, Youtube) for which Twitch in its review states, “Invisible Target is … full of breaking glass. Every time someone flies through the air, it’s very likely that somewhere somehow, there will be a pane of glass for his projectile body to shatter. Far from being a nuisance, it’s really rather amusing to watch and anticipate.”