My quick review of Saints Row The Third

The third installment of the Saints Row game, “Saints Row The Third” sees you trying to take over the city of Steelport.

Whereas I did enjoy Saints Row 2 and found it a good throwback to what made GTA3, GTA Vice City and San Andreas fun; I found Saints Row 3 to be quite boring.

Despite all the positive reviews of Saints Row 3, I feel that this “GTA sandbox clone” is actually quite poor.

There is very, very little content. The mission/story mode of the game can easily be completed within a few hours, and the difficulty of the game is pretty easy — even on hard.

The story seems interesting, and the role-play element where you can choose your path seems an interesting path, but these are window dressing to the actual gameplay.

The upgrading system also makes a total mockery of the difficulty. Within a couple of hours you can upgrade your character to the point where he/she is impervious and have unlimited ammo.

The one thing that really annoyed me the most about Saints Row 3 is that it brings nothing new to the genre. GTA SA, a game that came out more than 5 years ago has more content than this game. Hell, even GTA:Vice City Stories had more interesting features than Saints Row 3.

There STILL is no working economy system, the assets/property system is extremely poor; especially as you cannot enter a vast majority of the buildings you purchase. Worse still, the rival gangs, that you are feuding with, do absolutely nothing — they never attack your compounds, buildings, or assets.

In short, I feel the game offers no re-playability, no difficulty and no long-term enjoyment.

I would rate Saints Row The Third as a rental only and give it 4/10