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Mobile marketing is a booming industry

Your customers are no longer using traditional desktop computers and modern browsers to view your website, they’re using their iPhones and Android smart-phones, TV, Net-books and more devices are on the way. You need to be connecting with your customers on mobile, desktop, anywhere; everywhere…

Like any business owner, advertising is an expense to your bottom line. So, it’s important to spend your advertising dollars to your greatest advantage. And as technology changes, advertising strategies and tools must change, too.

Even if you have a website, you may not be convinced that mobile advertising is right for your business. Following are some statistics that might change your mind.

* Nielsen Mobile, which reports on trends in the wireless industry says that 50.2 percent of mobile subscribers in the US are smart phone users and make regular use of the mobile Internet on their devices.

* Nielsen also reports that these mobile customers most often use their mobile internet connection to visit websites – even more frequently than they use it to access email.

* Yahoo reports that it expects that by 2017 more users will access the internet via their mobile phones than via their home or business PC’s.

* eMarketer reports that even older baby boomers (those aged 54-62) are accessing the internet frequently, meaning that internet marketing truly appeals to all ages.

* eMarketer also reports that in the UK, restaurant advertising on mobile phones grew, and clothing ads each are growing at a rate of over 37.2% on mobile phones.

* This same report in eMarketer reports that the restaurant ads sent to mobile phones reported a 15.5% response rate. These ads utilized SMS messaging technology, rather than web browsing.

Mobile marketing is huge, and that businesses need to get out of the mindset that a website is enough — and that mobile can be ignored; when in reality, mobile is increasingly the way people search, browse and shop online.

The reality is that mobile engagement gives immediate calls to action; that is, to call you – the business owner.

The bottom line is, in today’s world, you simply cannot afford to ignore mobile any longer.


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