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Recursive disabling of CCNodes

This is an update of my previous post where I was attempting to lock/disable a CCScrollLayer when I launch a modal pop-up dialog.

The previous code doesn’t always work, and I’ve changed it a bit to the below;

It isn’t 100% perfect but it is a bit more recursive than the last version.

Basically the idea is:

  1. I want to disable/enable every node except my CoverLayer and her children, this is implicit because all the pop-up dialog’s appear as a child of CoverLayer
  2. I want to stop all interaction on CCScrollLayers
  3. I want to stop the user from clicking on a MenuItem within the CCScrollLayer multiple times

Again, it isn’t perfect; but its a start.

Put this in where you need to disable stuff; I put it in a singleton or a single controller instance and launch it there.


// Disabled/Enable layers
-(void) MenuStatus:(BOOL)_enable Node:(id)_node
    BOOL showLogs = YES;
    for (id result in ((CCNode *)_node).children)
        if (showLogs == YES) NSLog(@"Node result = %@", [result class]);
        if ([result isKindOfClass:[CoverLayer class]])
            // Do nothing
            if (showLogs == YES) NSLog(@" -- Do nothing --");
        } else {
            // Scrolllayer
            if ([result isKindOfClass:[CCScrollLayer class]]) {
                if (showLogs == YES) NSLog(@"A. Found CCScrollLayer...");
                ((CCScrollLayer *)result).isTouchEnabled = _enable;
                [self MenuStatus:_enable Node:result];

            } // end if
            // Layers
            if ([result isKindOfClass:[CCLayer class]]) {
                if (showLogs == YES) NSLog(@"B.    Found CCLayer -- %@", [CCLayer class]);
                // Disable CCLayer and any children?
                ((CCLayer *)result).isTouchEnabled = _enable;
                for (id result2 in ((CCLayer *)result).children)
                    if (showLogs==YES) NSLog(@"  1. child found: %@", [result2 class]);
                    [self MenuStatus:_enable Node:result2];
                } // next
            } // end if
            // Menus
            if ([result isKindOfClass:[CCMenu class]]) {
                ((CCMenu *)result).isTouchEnabled = _enable;
            } // end if
        } // end if
	} // next