in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

Started MDI 2018 course

In September 2017, I started on the Multidisciplinary Innovation MA/MSc course at Northumbria University

The 12-month course covers a lot of modules and learning areas on the subjects of design thinking, building value propositions for core subjects and working with other students, and their core backgrounds to drive solutions for specific real-world problems.

The modules covered are:

  • Design-led Innovation Practice
  • Responsible Innovation Practice
  • Strategic Innovation Practice

Although the course is taught, it encourages self-taught, testing ideas, and pushes you to think different on a project basis.

Being on the course for the past 2-3 weeks, we’ve covered areas such as practical involvement, engagement in multiple aspects of innovation, and working in design-led groups.

I’ve found it very useful and similar to what is done in industry, especially in technology (ie: mobile app and software) companies; especially the project scoping, planning, being agile and lean in design-led approaches to solving problems.

The course has also covered the macro and micro level; covering concept refinements, laser-focusing on specific issues, insights, ideation, value definition, pitching and reporting to clients.

Future blog articles in this category will report on weekly subjects, and insights.

Due to the nature and the contract of the course I cannot go into specifics until a later date.