in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

MDI, week four

Covers 09/10/17 – 13/10/17

Regarding our client project with a utility company.

This week we’ve been doing exploratory work on what the user needs might be, customer segmentation, but also presenting back single product and marketing ideas back to the utility company in order to formalise a specific finalised presentation which we will be undertaking on this Friday; this is part of a 5-day “design sprint”.

09/10 – We did a presentation on our ideas on specific product ideas and marketing ideas back to the client, however our feedback was that we should focus more on the task of innovative ideas on how to make their 5-year strategy more customer engaging.

10/10 – We worked with a global modern furniture company in a challenge to explore what makes a great learning space and what research topics can be garnered from this.

11/10 -Worked hard on getting deliverables done, ready for a further client briefing and for reflective study purposes. We spent time actually doing customer engagement with the general public from Newcastle City Centre shopping centre; recording opinions, getting insights and reporting back stats so we can further align our deliverables.

12/10 – Further refining our deliverables and also identified what customer insights we retrieved from the public facing arena.

13/10 – Final presentation of the deliverables we created; wow – we did so much over the past five days; a lot to unpack: sales material collateral creation, USP generation, creating selling proposition, analysing business plan, talking with customers, strategy planning.

I’m confident that this will continue on into our next projects too!