in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

MDI, week six

Notes from week six, dates: 23/10/17 to 27/10/17

23/10 – Covered emotional intelligence issues on the differences between a team, group and what an individual can do to be an effective team member. As research, we got a few papers to review in the subject area.

24/10 – New client project started on Cyber well-being for teenagers using ‘fun theory’ vs ‘nudge theory’.  Our group stated the brief back to each other, to ensure consensus, and started researching, interviewing people who ran a cyber hackathon on the same subject to get a good understanding of not only the problem statement, but also what kinds of answers were returned, what design methods they used to garner ideas.

25/10 – Continued client project, further researched existing answers from cyber hackathon using a pass-fail evaluation to try to evaluate ideas; also used “learning cards” to capture (1) our goals for the day (2) what we learnt and, (3) what we will do next.

26/10 – Continued client project, further researched existing answers; but we now need to move to actual producing ideas, storyboarding them and trying to make it either fun or nudge theory.

27/10 – Continued to refine ideas, picking out our strongest ones and move to storyboarding.