in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

MDI, week seven

Notes from 30/10/2017 to 03/11/2017

30/10 – Today we’ve been reviewing some of the ideas we’ve been generating for our current project “How can we drive positive change in Cyber well-being for teens using Fun Theory or Nudge theory“, and attempting them to move them from ideas into pre-prototypes.  I feel it is important to get to prototype’s, storyboards, wireframes as this really crystallises the idea.   

My idea is produce a small card game aimed at 8-14 year olds. Still currently unfinished as the mechanics and the player’s means and motives needs more work.

Further to this, I helped out a colleague with her ideas relating to raising awareness and a product on seeing the consequences of your actions.  Both ideas sit in the realm of guerrilla marketing and am hopeful that this will be produced into a prototype of some kind.

31/10 – Play tested a game for Raising awareness in Cyber well-being for teens; however upon a lot of play testing found the game ended up being a memory game, and not actually addressed the brief.  We also looked at the pool of ideas and tried to pick out whether to use one idea, or multiple.

01/11 – Collected together all our work and tried to evaluate them, and our own processes.

02/11 – Further presentation creation work help structure for presentation creation

03/11 – Put together and finalised the presentation, checking the copy, the flow, etc.