in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

MDI, week nine

Covers period: 13/11/2017 to 17/11/2017

Some activity dates may be incorrect, but the activities were undertaken during this week.

13/11 – Covered subjects related to Design Innovation.  We helped create briefs, this was due to the nature of one of the deliverables: Create briefs for Undergraduates.

14/11 – Continued project work, continued to undertake secondary research work on current client project and working with teams and documented project work.  Teams also helped create more briefs for one of the deliverables.

15/11 – Continued secondary research, the amount of research is quite large; and requires further categorization. Other teams move to primary research, which is another deliverable for the project.  Another team looks at, and reviews the briefs we created, a task where all teams documented briefs.

16/11 – Covered a topic relating to Business Innovation and continued to compile secondary research, we have almost all teams now working on primary research as we wrap up secondary research.  I continue to document all wall data and also help out a colleague with a Trends matrix. 

A trends matrix documents different categories of a theme (ie: tourist) and then splits it into past, present and future.  The idea with a trends matrix is that it gives a 40,000 foot view of what our secondary research is pointing to, this should identify given trends and also themes.

17/11 – We all created an executive summary of our secondary research, this was a good exercise to see if all teams were on the same page; however it did cause a net issue which was that it was ‘written by committee’.  In addition, whilst we had a state of research, we perhaps lacked a clarity of what that state was in the document.  We have taken the issue to heart and will endeavour to re-write the document, and have a state of secondary research; which I believe should be signed off by all teams for it to progress.

We also started to create a timeline for trends in higher educational faculties; this may further crystalise our secondary research, however I have some mis-givings about this process.  We already have 1 trends matrix, why is another needed?