in Multidisciplinary Innovation MSC

MDI, reflections of first semester

Over the past semester, I’ve been working on a number of client projects and exploring what excellence is within innovative practice.    As I reflect back over the past few months, the one major take-away has been how we work as a team on client projects, communication, application of strategic principles through design methodologies, otherwise known as design thinking. 

Broadly speaking, the challenge for myself has been people management.  I have noticed that my cultural experience and expectation of work-ethic practice is not always manifested or shared by others.   It is therefore up to myself to reflect more on how I can improve and share ambitions with others to ensure good working practices, and ensure we all get something worthwhile from the course.

From a client project point of view, we’ve explored all aspects of project development; scoping, requirements gathering, client interviews, stakeholder mapping, gathering research, generating insight and pitching; however in the upcoming semester I would like to explore more design methods through artefacts, like service design and service blueprinting. 

From a course point of view, I would like to explore more disruptive startup thinking; what is disruptive startups, what do investors look for in startups, and what are the challenges and opportunities therein.

There’s lots I’ve enjoyed, some that offer pause for thought and others where I’ve felt that we need to improve; but above all, this course has reinforced my own desire to explore innovational practice through design thinking, and remain resolute to my ambition to return to London armed with innovative practices that will see me better positioned against my contemporaries within the mobile app space world.