Two apps published for app store

Recently I have written and published two iOS apps for the Apple App Store.


Merchants of Amsterdam Clock Utility App
A Universal iOS app replacement for the Dutch auction wind-up clock for the board game “Merchants of Amsterdam”.

The app requires version 8.1 or above. This is because some dependencies required this.

It is currently on the app store (link)

Further information can be obtained on the project page.


Peak Solitaire Card Game app


A solitaire card game. Uses Game Center Leaderboard to record your high scores.

This app requires version 8.1 or above.

It is on the app store (link)

Apps that I have written, or have worked on

Although listed on my portfolio; I thought it might be useful to have a list of apps that I have written, or otherwise have worked on as part of a team.

Vanilla Notes app:

Simple Scorer app:

Silentflute iPhone app:

Superfoods iPhone app

Gary Christies Racing Tips app:

Brewlab iPhone app

As part of a team, or otherwise worked on

MoveHut property search app
Garbutt and Elliot app

Ready to go mobile?

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There’s no question that’s there’s a mobile movement going on. Smartphones are everywhere and their usage is on the up.

As reported in Techcrunch, Facebook have over 845 million users every month, and more than half use mobile (Read article).

But it’s not just Facebook, mobile is increasing in popularity amongst other businesses. Starbucks recently announced that it will allow its customers to pay for drinks via their mobile transaction app service.

Of course, it’s not strictly limited to “apps”, smartphone ready websites (or mobile-ready websites) are also on the move.

In Singapore, mobile app replaces loyalty cards via QR codes (article).

Of course, its not just business. Smartphone apps are being used in the medical industry, food industry; in short — mobile is not only here to stay, it will increase its foothold in our daily life.

The numbers

At a recent event held by Google in New York on 10th February 2011, Google reported a 400% increase in the number of searches being carried out on mobile devices, compared to the same time last year. This means that 20%, or roughly 1 in 5 Google searches, is now being carried out on a mobile device or smart phone and, Gartner predicts that by 2014, more people will access the internet from their mobile devices than from their PC desktops.

For more mobile trends, read Top 10 Mobile Internet Trends (via

silentflute iPhone app now published!

silentflute iOS app screenshot

The official silentflute iPhone app is now available in the app store!

Get the latest news, articles, twitter feed and selected portfolio items straight to your device whilst your on the move.

Download the app

silentflute on iTunes App Store

Support queries

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