Throw away your metal Indian club bells

metal club bells

Often hyped as “Indian clubs”, the metal club bells found on the Internet and some retail shops are often used for swinging motions to help strengthen, build and improve stability issues in the shoulder; such as the rotator cuff.

However, having spent some time using the Wooden indian clubs, I can say that the metal power club bells are horribly designed and should not be used. Ever.

The ones I have are small 2KG metal ones and find them very heavy and cause pain and pressure on the wrists; they are not designed to be swung at all.

Indeed, I’ve decided to throw away my metal club bells in favour of the Wooden Indian clubs.

Why? To put it simply, they are not indian clubs and they are poorly designed, the weight distribution is incorrect and even the 2KG ones are too heavy and bulky for anything other than simple curls and forward motion swings.

I find that the wooden Indian clubs have the weight distribution correctly placed in the head of the club and more motion, swings and yes; even tricks can be used — further, they have a strong historical pedigree of being used throughout the Indian sub-continent, Victorian Britain and a lineage in the British Navy and other, related armed forces.

In short, throw away your metal indian club bells or at the very least try and compare them to Wooden ones and you’ll agree that well designed and formed wooden ones beats the metal club bells any day of the week.