A tongue in cheek look at Indiana Jones

Tongue in Cheek

Firstly. Yes. I did enjoy “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull”. In my original article (now lost to editing hell) I was perhaps a bit too harsh about a few elements, but I did think it was a good enjoyable summer movie.

But even saying that, I still hate the CGI, the nuclear fridge (something that has now spawned its own viral), the gophers, the swinging Indy Jones Junior. And it seems looking around the Internet most people tend to agree.

So, I thought I’d list some notable parodies I’ve seen around the Internet. Some of them are fun, some of them are just plain dumb. But if you can take a joke, and have a sense of humor then you’ll enjoy these – otherwise, look away now. Continue reading

The Tom Cruise spoofs

Tom Cruise laughs like a madman

The infamous Tom Cruise video which has been shared, sent and seen across the world has given rise to a number of copy-cat spoofs. The parodies are incredibly easy to do. Wear black turtle neck, have camera, start acting loony.

Radaronline has compiled a short list of Tom Cruise parodies on Youtube. Although the Craig Ferguson (of the Late Late Show) one pretty much nails it, there are others that Radar doesn’t show; like the one where it inter-splices Will Smith’s “freaked out” reactions to Tom Cruise’s rantings.

My personal favourite (the one I can’t find any more) where it plays the interview clip as normal, but then interrupts to show a guy who adds an extra line (pretty much like MST3K did). For example, when Cruise says “When you’re a Scientologist, and you drive by an accident, you know you have to do something about it, because you know you’re the only one who can really help…” only for the video to cut to a guy, adding “And I have my friend here, Mr Glock who will testify to that”.

And, remember in the Simpsons where Homer is on some TV show to answer claims of his “sexual harrassment” of a girl who was sitting on a Jelly Baby, and the TV show cut audio and spliced video clips together with the clock randomly moving between cuts, giving a totally different account of what Homer actually said? Turns out, someone used this idea on the Cruise video too!

Anyway, here is a link to Radar’s collection of Youtube Tom Cruise spoofs.

Other links;

The cult of being Rick Roll’d

Rick Astley

Being Rick Roll’d was perhaps one of the fads of 2007, the concept is real simple – essentially it’s giving a link to someone that is meant to be something good, but is just in reality a video of Rick Astley singing his hit “Never gonna give you up”.

Even I’ve been Rick Roll’d a few times, and its given me a chuckle, a quick laugh.

Perhaps the best version of being “Rick Roll’d” is the Radiohead fan site that had a counter for an exclusive Raidohead audio/video – but ended up being a clip of Rick Astley (current)

Of course for those in the know, or who can take a joke, its just a quick laugh – but for many it soon turned into a real bug-bare of surfing online, or being on a chat-room/social media site. It even worked its way onto traditional media, with Radio DJs turning song requests into an excuse to play the Rick Astley song.


The Dark Knight Viral Campaign


Warner Brothers’ is using viral marketing to build buzz for their latest movie “The Dark Knight”, the sequel to “Batman Begins”.

As widely reported on superherohype.com, Warner Brothers’ marketing department are going overboard sending fans on a “treasure” hunt, and are being asked to do specific things, such as playing games, video, calling telephone numbers and visiting websites.

Original article;
Dark Knight Viral Campaign Blog (superherohype.com)

R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet

R Kelly

One of the most ridiculous things I’ve watched on Youtube is “R Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet“. A hip-hop rap opera that is so silly and ridiculous it’s been parodied so many times by the likes of MadTV, Weird Al, and more.

What makes it funnier is that R Kelly is *totally serious* about the whole thing, you can’t help but just laugh at him (note, not with him).

Additionally the whole “trapped in the closet” is in itself a joke, considering R Kelly’s well known indiscretions, once being caught with a minor.

Take for example this classic scene where some cop finds his partner is cheating on him, this scene is just … well I don’t even think there is a superlative that describes exactly what this thing is.

Anyway, if you have the stamina, or the courage – or are just bored and want to waste a lazy Sunday, you can’t go wrong with this silly black hip-hop opera series.Links and resources;

Tracking popular virals

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always admired Virals, they’re is a lot of creativity involved with making virals, in addition – it throws the marketing over to your customer. But I guess most importantly, they’re usually very funny.

Anyway, I found a site that “tracks” the most popular flash games, video virals, etc.

Although it isn’t tracking, for whatever reason, what I consider to be the viral with the most buzz, that of course being the fabled “return” of former WWE wrestler Chris Jericho (Y2J).



The Apple Poetry Guy

Apple Poetry

A poster on YouTube has published a piece of poetry he performed at an Apple Talent Show, and subsequently got fired for.

The poetry is about his telephone conversations with an unnamed “Canadian FedEx Lady”, and towards the end of the movie the movie explained he was fired.

However, a lot of posters have come up with some interesting questions:

  • Was he fired for the poetry, or because of something else?
  • When was the video shot? Was it this year?
  • Was he fired because of breach of some Apple customer service ettiqute?
  • Did he ever actually work for Apple and was he ever really fired from Apple? – all we have is his word from the video and subsequent comments on the video.
  • Is it a subtle marketing ploy by Apple?

Whilst these questions and others aren’t answered, the poetry isn’t too bad and showcases some of the qualms of working for a big corporation when you’re just a small cog of a very big machine.

Apple Poetry Guy gets ‘fired’ (Youtube)