Merchants of Amsterdam Clock Utility (iOS)



This open-source Universal iOS app is a clock utility app for the board game “Merchants of Amsterdam” and is intended to be a replacement for the clunky wind-up clock.

The app can be downloaded on the app store at [URL]

The app’s source code is open-source and is available at


Similar to the Dutch auction wind-up clock, the timer starts at 200 and counts down to 50; if a user presses to stop the clock before 200 then it is considered a “double auction”.

A reset function is also available.


A device with iOS 8.1 installed is required for this app.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us, the iPhone application does not record geo-mark location, store cookies or record history. We do not track your device, your reading habits or other details that would otherwise identify you to us. The app contains in-app advertising.


iOS Universal app written in Swift for iOS 8.1 devices or above.

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