The Trump Doctrine: Donald Trump and the United States of Talking Points

Donald Trump’s current “will he, or won’t he” campaign for the upcoming 2010 United States Presidential election has many people wondering whether this time he will actually run for office.

Assuming he does run, you can bet money that he will use the “Obama, You’re fired!” line at the debates. There’s no doubt the placards will cover that line, and he’ll use that as his strap-line for his election campaign.

However, many political commentators and astute Reddit readers have pointed out that Trump has a habit of running “will he, or won’t he” campaigns in the recent past. Indeed, this will be his third such run.

For many though, this is just another Trump PR exercise, a rating’s push for his TV show, “The Apprentice” (United States version).

There is no doubt that Trump is an astute businessman with keen show-man like qualities that help promote the Trump brand. However, watching the various interviews of Trump on the Internet, I cannot help thinking that Trump is not politically astute enough to be President of the United States.

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