Midway drops ball on TNA:Impact?


In the IT/web field there is this running joke that whenever working on a project a developer will at some point claim that a project is “90% done”. With the recent Q&A between games publisher Midway and the IGN portal website about the upcoming next generation wrestling game, “TNA: Impact!”, it seems this joke seems quite apt.

“TNA:Impact!” is an American wrestling in the same vein as WWE (formly known as WWF), and was initially made famous for its high-flying acrobatic “X-Division” (Cruiserweights) section. This was best illustrated in the years between 2004, 2005 and the very recent “World X Cup”, where high-flying, fast-paced wrestling has caught the imagination of WWE and Youtube fans wiery of the stale product dished out by the number 1 name in pro-wrestling.

With this in mind, TNA have spent the last year and a bit working with Midway publishing (famous for its work on the “Mortal Kombat” series) to create a wrestling game that would outclass WWE’s game, “Smackdown vs Raw”.

However, in a recent Q&A session with the IGN portal the game makers seem to be holding their hands up and saying the game “isn’t finished, but we released it anyway!”. Continue reading